To serve our clients, judicial system, and community with excellence, integrity, and compassion.


We give you the leverage you need to make sound decisions when disputes rise to the level of litigation.  By quickly and aggressively advancing your interests, we efficiently and effectively move cases toward conclusion, whether by pre-trial settlement, alternative dispute resolution, pre-trial judgment, or trial.  Every minute and dime you spend on litigation is time and money taken away from what's important to you.  Therefore, we actively prosecute your claims and defenses so that you can focus on what's most important to you.


We are available to serve as your local counsel in the Houston area and throughout Texas.  We have served as Texas counsel for a national law firm and regional counsel for another national law firm, with our region stretching from the Texas/Louisiana border in East Texas to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.  We can meet your needs, whether the representation is for a particular case or an established relationship for ongoing needs.  To the extent that we serve as your Texas counsel, we also have the ability to hire local counsel in specific towns and cities throughout Texas, thus managing your Texas litigation while efficiently keeping travel costs to a minimum.  Of course, should the needs of the case require our presence, we will travel throughout Texas to effectively represent and protect your interests.


We look forward to serving you, meeting your needs, and exceeding your expectations whenever problems arise.  We constantly strive to ensure that your problems and worries are alleviated as quickly as possible.  We are available to meet you in person, by telephone, or Internet video conference.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, schedule an appointment, or retain us.

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Sanchez Law Firm is an efficient and effective firm with a global clientele.  We are a litigation boutique focused on civil, consumer, and business litigation.  We serve the entire state of Texas in all federal and state courts.  Our clients come from all over Texas, as well as other states and countries.

Let us serve you now and begin to ease your worries.